Write A Letter To Your Friend About A Street Accident That You Have Recently Witnessed In English



Dearest Vincy,

Hope you are fine. Thank you for the gift you send for me. I liked it very much.

Yesterday, I  witnessed an accident on street which disturbed me very much. Me and my sister were in our car and my sister was driving. This happened in the Third Street City Road. The road was a little bit crowded. We stopped our car when the red signal showed up. After a minute, green signal came, and my sister started moving the car. Suddenly a dog jumped in front of our car. Though my sister immediately hit the brake, the dog got hit. We started panicking. I stepped out and saw the dog bleeding and moaning with pain. I took the dog, get inside the car and we drove to the vet. Fortunately, the dog only got injured and no serious issues. We got relieved. We handed the dog to a pet centre and went back. 


See you soon