Write A Letter To Your Friend About A Place You Visited In English



Dearest Neerada,

How are you enjoying your vacation? I and my family are back home after visiting my mother’s parent’s house in a village in Kerala. My grandfather and grandmother from my mother’s side resides there. This vacation was special because it was my grandmother’s 60th birthday. My mother’s brother and his family were also with us. My grandparent’s house is located in a very beautiful village, away from the busy city life. It is so calm and quite here. You could wake everyday hearing the chirping of birds instead of loud noise vehicle horns. There is a rice paddy field 100meters from the house. We went there and saw how rice saplings are being planted. While planting, all the workers will sing a song aloud. It was new to watch. We headed back home after spending some days there. 

Bye and Take care

Your friend}