Write A Letter To Your Friend About A Memorable Event Of Your Life In English



Dear Lakshmi,

How are you? Hope you and your loved ones are doing good. In my previous letter, I had mentioned about a stage program that my music band got for the first time. Well, that event ended in a colourful note. We were fully prepared for our event and were continuously practising for the past one month. I sang 3 songs. We thought that since its our first show, there will not be much audience. But what surprised us was that the ground was filled with people, all came to watch our show. As we started the show, the audience cheered and were fully active. Due to the huge turn out of audience, the organizers said that they will offer us more stages. Our band is so happy that our hard work paid off. For me personally, this was an extraordinary memorable event in my life. Bye and take care

Your friend