Write A Letter To Your Friend About A Historical Place In English



Dearest Vikki,

Hope you are fine. I read about a historical place from a travel magazine and to my surprise, that place is only 50km away from my home. The place is Bekal Fort in my district Kasargod, Kerala. This fort is said to have built around 1650 AD. It is the largest fort in Kerala. The fort was the centre of many rivalries and seizures between the rajas and sultans. Later, British East India company used it as their headquarters in South. I saw a picture of the fort and it looks build. There is a beach called as Bekal beach that lie adjacent to the fort. Some of the popular movie songs were shot at this fort. Today, the fort is an important tourist destination. If you are free next weekend, please let me know. We could visit the fort with our family. Bye and take care

Your dear friend