Write A Letter To The Editor Of A Newspaper About High Prices Of Essential Commodities In English

Andheri East,

31 January 2023

The Editor,
The Hindu,

Subject: Letter regarding the issue of high prices of essential commodities


Through an article in your newspaper, I would like to draw attention towards the issue of high prices of essential commodities.

Inflation is a term that has been very casually introduced into the daily life of people. In recent times, the prices of everyday items like gas, oil and other essential commodities have risen to a high point. I am a sole bread earner of a family of seven members and such an increase in price has affected me a lot.

Much like me, a lot of youngsters have succumbed to doing two to three jobs in a day just to fulfill the daily needs of their families. This has led them to leave their dreams behind. The concerned authorities should check and control the price hike at least in the essential commodities.

I hope that the prestigious columns of your newspaper will help bring this issue to light and the concerned authorities will provide some relief on the same front.

Your sincerely,

Beena Mishra C