Write A Letter to Friend About a Chilling Experience In English

Hey Diya,

Hope you are fine. I am writing this letter to let to know about a very scary thing happened to me. I was riding my cycle towards the park by evening on a Sunday. While cycling, I felt something have passed through my right thigh. I ignored it the first time. But later, I felt something again in my right feet and lost my balance and was about to fall. I managed not to fall and held the break. Next moment I was shocked and froze. A small cobra was moving towards the cycle handle. I realized that it was this cobra that was moving from my thigh to feet and later to the handle. I immediately took my hands from the handle and left the cycle and run towards my home leaving the cycle there. Later I came back to the spot with my mother and made sure that the cobra had left. We later headed back to house. I got scared very much. My parents pacified me. Anyway, now I am fine and doing good. Bye

Your friend