Write A Letter To Electricity Department For Low Voltage In English

Electrical Department,
Near Mahatma Gandhi metro station,
Bengaluru- 530440

Subject: Letter to electricity department for low voltage

Good morning sir,
My name is Harish Leela, and I live on Magadi Road. I’m writing this letter to express my displeasure with the Magadi Road location’s low voltage power supply. We have been having trouble operating our electronic equipment, namely air conditioners and refrigerators, for the last ten days due to this problem.

Although we have already voiced our complaints, nothing has yet been done. This is the third time that we have complained in writing. I humbly request you to take my letter into consideration and understand the inconvenience we are facing.

Please resolve this problem as soon as possible. I will be very grateful for your kind assistance.

Yours faithfully,
Harish Leela