Write A Apology Letter To Teacher For Failing In Exam In English

Ms Ajitha Das
Physics Teacher
City Government School

This is Anjali F of class 9A of the City Government School, Kochi. I am writing this letter to apologise to you for failing physics in the monthly exam that was conducted the previous week.

I failed the exam because I didn’t study well due to my laziness. I admit it. I can clearly follow your class, and it’s not because you didn’t teach the lesson properly; I failed. I am the only one responsible for me failing the exam. I am deeply and very sorry for not studying properly and writing the exam badly.

I kindly request that you accept my apologies. I promise you that for the next exam, I will study hard and score well. I will make sure to study the daily lessons and clear my doubts. Once again, I am sorry.

Thank you for taking your time to read my letter.

Yours faithfully
Anjali F