Write A Apology Letter To Teacher For Being Disrespectful In English

Mr Yaksh Das
Class Teacher, 9th B
City Public School

This is Neena F of your class 9th B. I am writing this letter to apologize to you for being disrespectful.

I am very sorry for my disrespectful behavior. I should have never behaved like that to you or to any other elder. We are taught from our childhood to respect our elders, especially teachers who introduce us to the land of knowledge and education. A teacher never expects his or her student to behave in a disrespectful way. In that case, I understand the intensity of my mistake.

I kindly request that you accept my apology for my disrespectful behavior. I promise that I will never be disrespectful to anyone without reason. I also promise that I will abide by the duties that I have to handle as a student.

Yours faithfully
Neena F