Wonder of Science Essay in English

Science today is just like Aladdin’s Lamp which could perform wonders After wonders. The Lamp was a faithful servant so long as it was rubbed on the right side, but its satanic power became apparent as soon as it was rubbed the wrong way.

The same is the case with science which is itself neither good nor bad. If it is used in a proper way, it is a faithful servant But if it is misused it becomes a bad master, a tyrant who is out to destroy humanity.

If Science remains our useful servant, it serves us well. In the words of Emerson. “It surpasses the old miracles of mythologies. The achievements of science in modern times are simply incredible. It has revolutionised the means of communication.

Time and distance have been shortened. The cinema, the radio and the television provide entertainment and break the monotony of life. The Telegraph, the telephone and the wireless carry our messages from one end of the world of another.

Some of the latest discoveries and inventions of science have enabled man to cure almost incurable diseases. X-rays enable the modern physician to search out a hidden fracture or displacement within the body. Ultraviolet rays are applied to cure certain serious ailments.

Many strange and novel methods of inoculation and surgery have been developed. Many of the epidemics are now preventable. We all benefit from these achievements of science.

In many countries today all the agricultural operations are performed by machinery. As for industrial operations, machines are found everywhere. What a number of articles of daily use are produced by scientific methods of production.

That is why such commonplace things as needles, lead pencils, spectacles, watches, etc are so cheap and yet have so much perfection and fineness about them. There is yet another way in which science serves as a faithful servant.

Science affects our thoughts. We no longer think in terms of faith and superstition. A fact is not a fact to us until it is tested by science. Besides providing amusement, science has dispelled ignorance and superstitions. It has added to our knowledge and widened our outlook. Newspapers are printed in millions overnight.

Science has changed the dreams of yesterday into the realities of today. Man can fly in the air and in space, dive in the water and go into the recesses of the earth. He has crossed deserts, scaled mountains, flown to the moon gauged oceans, investigated the heavens with the help of science.

We switch on the radio and hear the running commentary on a Cricket Test Match. Television has enabled us not only to hear the distant voices but also to see the distant objects, say, on the Moon or the Mars. Science has really beaten the old magicians hollow.

But if science is a blessing, it is not an unmixed blessing. When it gets complete mastery over men, it does incalculable harm. Today we have no more than faith in science which we had in the past. With the inventions of A and H Bombs and a host of other deadly weapons.

Science has made modern war very destructive. Today war has become a naked dance of death, a cruel carnage (murder) of mankind and a period of national and international sufferings. The busiest centre of modern warfares is not the battle-front but the laboratories of scientists where deadly weapons are prepared with the utmost speed possible.

The wholesale destruction wrought by modern warfare shows the miraculous (wonderful) but satanic powers that science wields today. A and H Bombs are among the fatal gifts of science to Mankind.

Another evil effect of science is that it has made people irreligious and sceptical. Their belief in God is shaken. Science lays emphasis on the matter and not on the spirit. Breathless hurry is the keynote of the modern scientific age.

Vain is your science” was not the useless cry of men like Gandhi and Tolstoy. There are many other philosophers of great repute who condemn science because it has made life complicated and increased our wants. Man is proud of his scientific inventions but science is proud of having conquered even the soul of man.

Sir C.V. Raman has beautifully said that the control of vast forces of Nature has been inversely proportional to the expansion of the human heart. The greater the forces of Nature which man has conquered, the narrower has grown his heart.

If you have a thunderbolt or Atomic bomb in your hand, you require the strength of an angel to control yourself. Science has dethroned God and signed the death warrant of humanity. It has enslaved man.

It has made him a machine without a heart to feel. So it is easy to conclude that science is a useful servant, but a bad master. We cannot say what science has in store for us- a death ray or an elixir of life.