The Traffic Police Poem Summary


The Traffic Police by M. Ghaji is a 3 stanza poem in which a traffic police officer educates those driving cars on the road. He tells us that he tries to stop speeding vehicles to avoid accidents. Often books have his pictures educating them to learn about signboards and beware of traffic.

He further explains how tough his job is yet he does his duty with all dedication so that we may remain safe. Let us read the poem line by line.


Stanza 1

Amidst killer speeds I stand
Facing the traffic, stretching my hand.
I am seen on kids' books and as cartoons everywhere
Educating people and asking them to beware 
Of the errafic traffic and the signboards
Seen on almost all the roads.

The police officer says that he stands facing the traffic with his hand stretched in order to stop vehicles which are over speeding. This way he keeps them safe. Further he says that he is seen in books of young students and even as cartoons. He educates people about traffic rules and advise them to remain safe from speeding traffic and also about signboards which are seen on almost all the road.

Stanza 2

So that you're safe I see each one of you
But my sweat, my plight on the road sees who?
Be it sunny or rainy ,
For your safety I must be
Vigil and agile, on the middle
Standing erect, as fit as a fiddle.

He keeps an eye on all people so that we may remain safe from accidents. However, as a human being, he gets sweat in the burning hot, but no one notices this. Though it may be sunny day or rainy day, he must be vigil and agile i.e. alert while standing in the middle of road for the safety of people. While standing he should be fit as a fiddle i.e. look healthy.

Stanza 3

Oh! My ear hurts! Oh! My head aches!
Oh! Look at the weather...such unpredictable days!
But I cannot swerve; I must be on duty.
I care for your safety.
Be it noisy or dusty; Be it sunny or rainy;
I must be on duty. I care for your safety.

The police officer then explains how painful and troublesome his duty is. His ears hurt and head aches (feels pain) because of excessive noise pollution and air pollution. The weather is unpredictable. It may be rain or too hot but police officer cannot change his duty. He must do his work and care for the safety of others though it may be noisy or dusty or sunny or rainy.