Short Speech on My Father is My Role Model for Students and Children

Respected Principal, teachers, and my dear friends.

A wonderful morning to all of you.

Today I am going to tell you about my superhero, my father. Most of us but not each one of us is blessed to have a father in his/her life. I consider myself very lucky to have a father with me who cares for me and takes care of our whole family. He fulfils our emotional and financial needs.

My father is my superhero. I think he is the strongest man in this world. He protects me from all kinds of problems and makes me feel secure. I am not afraid when I am with him.

He is very joyful by nature. He has maintained a very open environment at home. I and my sister can talk about anything and everything with him. Every night we wait for him at the dinner table to chit chat with him. He also takes us for a walk after dinner and tells us stories of great warriors.

My father is the source of my inspiration. He is a businessman. He is very hardworking and works day and night to give us healthy living and fulfills all our needs. He is a man of principles and very disciplined too.

He not only understands his responsibility towards us but also our society. He feeds stray dogs and helps poor people. On weekends, he teaches poor children for free. He also works for an NGO where he makes donations and takes care of abandoned old people.

My father is also a great cook. He makes some of the tastiest dishes like pizza, pasta, and puris for us sometimes. He takes us for a picnic or a movie once a month.

He enjoys playing badminton. He never misses his early morning walk and his badminton practice with his friends. He has taught that health is wealth. He believes in regular physical exercise and has also taught us the same.

I love my father very much for being caring and loving always. He scolds me sometimes but I do understand that it for my betterment and growth only. He wants me to excel in whatever I do. I want to make him feel proud of me one day.

Thank you.