Soldier Essay in English

Every Indian contributes somethings as far as the defence of India is concerned. But the role which a soldier plays in defending and protecting the borders of India, is really unparalleled. A soldier is the most disciplined lot of the nation.

Upon him depends to a great extent the security and stability of the nation. A soldier’s life, no doubt, is very difficult and hard. It is he who obeys the orders of his commanders and does what is ordered by them.

A soldier keeps night long vigils on the borders even in the face of great and grave dangers. He stands heroically before enemies. For a soldier, in the words of Longfellow.

There’s not to make a reply.

There’s not to reason why

Their’s but to do and die

A soldier faced death bravely.

He fights up to the last moment of his life in order to protect his motherland. He sacrifices everything for the sake of the nation. It is he who has to live miles away from his family.

It is he who goes into the jaws of the death while defending his country. His life is not a bed of roses, rather, it is a bed of thorns With his meagre income, he feeds himself and his family. The life of a soldier is really very hard, but he is not scared of it.

For him, defence of the country is the foremost in his duties and responsibilities. During the war, he fights bravely but at the same time, he helps the civilian population as well. The role, which Indian soldiers played during Indo-Pak war is exemplary.

Our soldiers helped and assisted the civilian population of Pakistan. They offered them food and drinks and did not harm them So, Indian soldiers acted in accordance with the noble military traditions. A soldier is ready to face death. He never shirks responsibility.

He fights in the most difficult terrains on the hills and mountains, plains and forests. The defence of the country is the only mission of his life. Writers, politicians, statesmen, businessmen and teachers play their own roles through their actions, abilities and aptitudes.

But the role, which a soldier plays while safeguarding the frontiers of the motherland, is paramount and unique. He lives for the nation and dies for her dignity. He makes history and history immortalises him.