Short Speech on My Family in English for Students and Children

Respected Principal, teachers, and my dear friends. Good morning to all of you.

Today I am going to speak about my family.

Family is the best gift one can have. Not everyone in this world has a family. I am lucky and thankful to god to have one. I belong to a happy, caring, and understanding family.

I live in a combined family with my parents, a sister and a brother. I am also very lucky to have my grandparents with me. I just love them all.

My father is a Shop Keeper and my mother is a teacher. My grandfather is a retired army officer and my grandmother is a retired principal. Both of my siblings are elder to me and studying at a university. My brother is pursuing engineering and my sister is pursuing graduation in Political science.

I do fight with my siblings but I love them too. My brother helps me with my homework and my sister helps in my extracurricular activities as she is good at art and craft, sports and public speaking.

We have a family tradition of having dinner together at night. We always wait for our father or any other member at the dinner table if someone comes home late. After dinner, we gather in our lawn and share our day to day stories with each other.

We also plan picnics once in two months where we prefer going to a greener place. We play games there and share everything with each other. We take home-cooked food along. My mother prepares special dishes for the picnic.

We also celebrate festivals and birthdays together. I love the surprises which we plan for each family member in advance. We usually decorate our house together for every special occasion. My family is an ideal family is every aspect. I am very grateful to be a part of it.

Thank you.