Short Speech on Generation Gap in English for Students and Children

3 Minute Speech on Generation Gap for School and College Students

Good morning! Respected Principal, teachers and my dear companions. I stand before u speak on the topic- Generation Gap.

Human beings are residing on this earth for a very very long time. Each generation has its own way of doing things. They have new ways that the older generation may not be aware of or have never practiced. This is what exactly known as the generation gap.

The generation gap is there because mankind is evolving and changing for the better. But sometimes this generation gap impacts our lives wrongly.

It is quite healthy and refreshing to have new ideas and ways of doing things. This shows how we are advancing and progressing in our lives. But these ideas can be clashing sometimes between two generations of people and become a topic of worry.

These clashes lead to distanced relations. It is usually observed between parents and kids. Parents feel that children have become too modern as per the societal norms. Children feel that parents are orthodox and do not understand their feelings.

This way conflict begins and they do not come to a particular solution. This is the biggest mistake. Parents should not pressurize their ideas on their kids and kids should also not outrightly reject their parent’s ideas otherwise this will lead to misunderstanding and distanced relationships.

With a little understanding and care, we can bridge this gap. One should not give up on relationships just because of a difference of opinion. Both parties should understand that no one is completely wrong or right. One can reach a middle ground.

In the end, I want to say that the generation gap cannot be controlled as there are constant changes happening in the world. But we can strengthen our bridge between the gap by understanding each other and by never stop communicating.

Thank you, everyone.