Short Essay on Honey Bee in English

Do you remember running away from a small little yellow and black insect which has wings and also a sharp sting? Yes, we were all scared of honey bees when we were little.

Honey bees are small insects which live in grasslands, forests and gardens. They live in a hive which they build together as a family. We get the nutritious and delicious honey from bees. The big family of honey bee is called a colony.

Every beehive has almost four thousand honey bees!!! All of them are divided to do different tasks. Some bees are builders, who build the hive, some go out to bring honey, they are called drone bees, some bees take care of the eggs that the queen bee lays.

There is only one queen bee in a hive. Her only job is to lay eggs. Every bee has a different body type and in this way, every worker bee, or queen bee or drone bee can be identified.

Bees like to eat flower pollen and the sweet nectar of the flowers. They collect this nectar in their beehive and make honey from it. This honey-filled home of the bee is called a honeycomb. Because bees are very small in size, many animals hunt them. But bees have signals by which they warn other bees about the upcoming danger. These signals also make them look like they are dancing. They also do a different bee dance when they inform other bees about food.

Bears are infamous for eating honey from honeycombs. Beekeepers are also called Honey farmer. They rear the bees for the production of honey.

Bees are small but they play a big role in the ecosystem. They play an important role as a pollinator for crops. It is vital for food security of human beings. Hence we must control our activities and help protect honey bees.