My Favourite Season Autumn Essay

Autumn is one of the four major seasons in a year. Autumn changes the season from summer to winter because it falls between them. Autumn falls at different time in different part of the Earth.

In our country, this season falls from the month of September to November. Every season has its own features. Autumn is also known as ‘fall’ because the leaves from the trees start falling in Autumn. Due to lack of rain, leaves start drying up and then they fall and the new leaves come up in winter.

In Autumn everything turns from green to yellow. Trees and grass become yellow in colour and the fallen leaves cover the face of the earth. Autumn has its own unique beauty.

Animals start preparing for winter in this season. Some birds like Cuckoos migrate to warmer places. Small animals like squirrels and mouse start storing food. In winters, they do not come out from their holes and eat the stored food only. Animals like Bears, Turtles etc find a warm place where they can hibernate in winter.

Autumn season is a great season for growing vegetables and fruits. Carrot, Cauliflower, Beans, Apples, Grapes, Oranges are the gifts of this season. In our country, festivals like Durga Puja and Garba are celebrated in Autumn.

This season shows a totally new face of nature. The weather in this season is loved by all because it is moderate. Autumn season teaches us that even if the leaves fall, new leaves will take their place one day.