My Favourite Place Goa Essay in English

Goa is a coastal state in India between Maharastra and Karnataka. It is the smallest state in the country. Panji is capital and people speak the ‘Konkani’ language here. It is a major tourist attraction in India a large number of tourist visits Goa every year.

Goa is a wonderful state where people come for many reasons. So many cultures mix here which makes it so attractive. There is a mix of Portuguese, Hindu, Islamic and French culture in Goa. It is full of travel spots. Here one can find so many kinds of beaches. There are white sand and palm trees on some beaches while others have mountains. One can go to the night party on some beaches. Dolphin show is performed in Goa and people go by boats to play with them.

Due to different cultures in Goa, different types of buildings can be seen. There are many famous old churches where people go to spend peaceful time and take beautiful pictures. Temples of various style are also here. Many festivals are celebrated in Goa. ‘Sunburn festival’ is a famous festival in Goa. In this festival, many musicians from around the world come and perform.

Goa is a very beautiful state where people can go and know about different cultures. It is all about enjoying the beauty of life. Those who are from the different parts of our country go there to enjoy sea and tasty food of so many kinds. The whole state is full of sceneries.

Question on Goa

Why is Goa a tourist attraction?

It was ruled by Portugues before India’s independence. Goa has become the melting pot of European and Indian culture. The hills of Western Ghats adds beauty with sea beaches. It has many old churches and temples. Goan seafood is famous.

What is famous Goa?

Goa is famous for its nightlife, beaches, carnivals, water sports etc.

What country is Goa in?

Goa is a state in India. Goa is the smallest state of India.

Who discovered Goa?

Vasco De Gama discovers the Goa in 1498.

What food is famous in Goa?

The famous Goan food is Goan Fish Curry, Sorpotel, Chicken Cafreal, Shark Ambot Tik etc.