My Brother Essay

My name is John and I am 9 years old. I have a brother who is 4 years elder to me. His name is Jerry. He studies in class 8th. He likes to play chess and has been a champion chess player for the past three years in the Zonal Competitions.

He is a very tidy boy and most of the time when I have fallen into the mud while playing he helps me to clean my clothes too. He is always there to protect me from every bad thing. He always helps me with my homework and makes all kinds of school projects with me.

He is also an expert guitarist and he keeps making new tunes. I like to hear him play his guitar. Jerry always respects his elders and never refuses them for any work.

He takes care of me whenever we go out for a picnic or to the market. He shows me all the new vegetables and flowers and other things in the market and helps me to learn their names too.

I like to have a big brother because Jerry makes me feel happy always. Sometimes he takes me out to meet his friends. They all know me and I enjoy playing football with them.

Jerry and I always stay in one team and most of the times we win too. Jerry likes to collect science books as he loves science subject. He makes wonderful working models and I always help him with them.

I learn many things from my elder brother and I thank God for giving me such a gift as my elder brother.