Leave application for Aunt’s Marriage

The Principal
Delhi Public School
Pocket B, Sector C,
 Chitrapuri Colony,
October 20th, 2019

Subject: Leave application for Aunt’s marriage


I am Shilpa Rao, a student of class 6th C in your school. Respectively, I write this application to request you to grant me six days’ leave from March 20 st to March 26th.

I am going to my hometown (Chennai) with my family for my Aunt’s marriage. She is my father’s younger sister and so our presence is absolutely essential. My grandparents will also attend the wedding and there is no one to look after me if I wish to not go.

Kindly grant me leave, I shall be highly obliged. I will cover up the pending class and homework as soon as I come back.

Yours sincerely
Shilpa Rao
Class-5th A
Roll no. 19