How to Write Speech in English Language for Students and Children

How to write a speech and its important elements

A speech should not be more than three to four minutes because long and detailed speech makes the listener bored of it and the audience loses its interest in it. A speech should be more like a real person talking. One should always remember, It should not be like an essay or a story.

A speech should always have a few catchy lines as it helps to make connections with the audience. One should always put the main ideas in the speech because too many ideas distract the audience focus.

Another important element is that the speaker should always write about current affairs and state a few examples with it. A good speech includes an introduction, advantages, disadvantages, measures, and suggestions in the end. It is always beneficial to make a rough outline of ideas this helps in the compilation of speech.

A speaker should not deviate from the topic given or chosen. Very complicated words should not be added in the speech, simple words should be used more.

How to deliver the speech

Speakers should always make eye contact, use appropriate gestures and expressions while speaking. Speakers should not hesitate while speaking, they should be confident.

One should always conclude a speech with a memorable statement. It can be an idea, a funny line or a joke. This may give your speech a capture.

After writing a speech one should edit and polish it as much as possible. In this task, speakers should take the help of an experienced person, teacher or friend. In the end, I would like to say that a good speech should always have a message. I hope these tips will help you to present a good speech in the future.

Questions on Speech

What is a speech?

Speech is a communication with the audience one address.

How do you start a speech?

One can start the speech with a quote related to the topic or with a question. It is an easy way to attract the audience. The speech should be focus on the main idea of the topic.

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