Hard Work Pays Off Essay

I have always been an average student in my class. This hurt my feelings and then I resolved that I shall study very hard and become a rank holder. I wanted to be placed among the first three at the end of each examination.

Since I have a strong will-power I worked hard all day long I paid great attention to all that the teachers taught in the class and also spent a lot of fruitful time in studying in the library.

At home too I would sit down at my study table for hours before going to play with my friends. I was confident of my position in the examinations. I managed to score high marks and to my delight, the class teacher announced my grade in the class.

While she went on reading out each student’s marks I sat with bated breath. I waited expectantly for my name and she saw my anxiety. She put an end to my impatience and informed us that I had topped in the class with the highest marks in all the subjects.

That day was indeed the beginning of a change in my life. A gold medal was awarded to me at the school annual day for my performance.

In fact, I got two medals-one for securing the highest marks and the other for a very commendable effort considering the fact that I have always been an average student.

As a walked up to the dais where the chief guest at the annual day was handing over the prizes and medals my heart swelled with pride. I glanced at my parents who were sitting among the audience and it filled me with warmth to see them smiling with delight at my achievement.

That memorable day has remained in my memory ever since that day and I now realize that one can achieve almost anything if he has the will and determination.

Although this incident occurred a year ago, I have not forgotten it and it shall continue to give me strength wherever I strive to achieve some feat that I otherwise may consider impossible.