Guest Post – write for us [Education]

Do you read our blog and courses? Are you looking for guest blogging sites where you can post your guest posts on English Summary in 2022? You’re in the right place. 


We accept guest posts! Here are some guidelines for you to follow before making a submission:

  1. There are more chances of approval if you write content on the topic given by us. Please mail us for topics.
  2. The article must be related to English Literature, Linguistics, Grammar, Literary Criticism, English Composition, etc.
  3. We do not accept articles praising other websites/writing reviews of services, promotional content etc (Its better to ask our awesome team for content ideas and guidelines).
  4. The link must point to a blog post that relates to English Summary as well as the article published on English Summary.
  5. If we find the content/backlink promotional, it will be instantly rejected. You can include your product/idea in the content, but it should be valuable for the users.
  6. Those having agency names (e.g. Content Writing Agency in [location]) as anchor texts will be rejected instantly. Instead, use the title of a blog post (of your site) as anchor text.
  7. We reject the article if we find even a single grammatical/spelling mistake.
  8. The article should be more than 80% unique and the language should be easy. Avoid difficult words and jargon. Keep the sentences and paragraphs short.
  9. Include images and proper references.
  10. For pricing, please get in touch with us on mail.

How to Submit

You can submit your article to [email protected] Please send us the title and information about the article first so that we may be able to tell you if the article relates to or not.