The Fun They Had Summary by Isaac Asimov

A Story of Future

The story is an interesting look at the future of education and its technological dependence in times to come. Margie and Tommy are two young students who live in the 22nd Century.

They are taught at home by a mechanically driven computer or teaching bot. It is geared to their learning abilities and offers custom-made lesson plans. It can receive the homework and test work through a slot and analyze it within minutes.

A Book

One day, they are astonished to see a book where the words are still and the pages can be touched or traversed by flipping. He shows it to Margie who cannot make sense of such an object. Tommy tells her that the book belong to earlier centuries when kids studied differently.

He explains that the book was about schools of the time which does not please Margie as she hated school or more like hated her teaching bot. Recently it had been giving her bad reviews in tests.

When her mother got it checked, it was shown that the geography section was adjusted to an accelerated pace. The inspector repaired it and Margie got on with her lessons.

Schools in Earlier Age

He further explained about the schools of the earlier age, human teachers and schools where everyone studied the same things together. Margie was fascinated as her mother always told her that one has to learn independently. 

She wanted to know more about the school but it was time for her day’s lessons. She went to the teaching room and offered her homework. The lesson started but Margie was stuck in a fantasy.

The Fun They Had

She imagined how good it must have felt to have a company of children from different places, sitting together and having conversations. She imagined how they would help each other out and have fun together.

The story is a critique of the heavy dependence on technology in the modern education system where the social and formative portion of education is being lost gradually.

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