Essay on Online/Digital Education – Advantages and Disadvantages in English


What will be the basic outline you will draw if you are asked to write an essay on digital education?

An essay is a comprehensive format that is repeatedly asked by prominent universities worldwide. The most basic yet essential format allows students to investigate, learn, and prepare the entire topic based on the demands of the question. However, if you decide to write an essay on digital education, reading this blog can help you in many ways.

What we will be covering in this entire essay on digital education includes:

  • What is digital education?
  • The contrast between digital education and online learning?
  • The goals of digital education. Approaches to digital education.
  • Questions regarding the successful implementation of digital education policies.
  • How digital or online education is changing the entire dynamics of modern academics?

Online education refers to the use of the most innovative tools and technologies to allow students access to educational resources, documents, and lectures irrespective of their position on the globe. Such tools can be a projector that can convert a simple classroom lecture into a smart one, or it can be a tablet that allows flexibility to learn.

A basic term called digital learning also refers to the learning process that is guided by the use of online and digital devices like computers, smartphones, tablets, and nearly all the devices that enables students to learn and read as well as can connect with the internet.  

Since the first online course launched by the Computer Assisted Learning Campus in 1994, the entire dynamics of traditional classroom projects have changed. Why have we seen an exponential increase in the number of students preferring online courses? Of course, there are many reasons that are visible to us and are among the compelling reasons for this trending phenomenon. Read more about this in the benefits section of the blog.

For now, learning the primary objectives of digital education is necessary. Some of the primary objectives of the assignments can also be showcased as its benefits. Well, some common advantages of digital education for students include:

  1. The deeper involvement of teachers and parents: Along with the digital education strategies, data management and recordkeeping has also improved with the help of a unified system. Parents and tutors can assess the progress of the learners online and can also communicate and interact frequently to discuss the strategies.   
  2. Better engagement rate: Among some of the standard benefits of digital learning, it is seen that students and learners of young age find it more engaging. Online videos with informative content and graphics tend to enhance engagement and improve the learning experience.
  3. Makes students more accountable: Online learning offers prominent guidelines to the students and comes with various features like a tracker, real-time analysis, timer, and online tests to understand and analyse the grasping power of the students. Now monitoring the attendance and time spent in the classes will make students more accountable in terms of learning.
  4. Extensive learning opportunities: Digital education also covers working professionals and offers them a chance to upgrade themselves. However, the course offers them the flexibility of time and duration that can be modified according to their convenience. Various open learning institutes that were targeting distance learning programs have got a major boost with the emergence of online education.
  5. It makes students smarter and motivates them: As mentioned above, the significance of informative videos that provide visual illustration and practical experiences to the students cannot be imagined until you have seen them yourself. Have you ever tried learning Pythagoras’ theorem through an online lecture? Try it once.

Apart from the points mentioned earlier, personalized learning experiences and hands-on working practicals with modern technologies and tools are also some of the most common benefits of modern digital education.

Successful implementation of digital education policies?

Although there are 5.3 billion mobile internet users worldwide, the potential of contemporary digital learning can prove to be a strategic yet potential change in the entire learning system. However, we have specific points that can be considered by the students for essay writing. Such factors refer to the effective use of digital infrastructure and practices which you can rely on for enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the policies implemented for digital education.

The availability of high-speed connectivity infrastructure in schools as well as at the grassroots levels of society is a must to cover each and every child into the ambit of online learning. The network towers, high-speed Wi-Fi connection and home internet access at vulnerable places will assist the faster implementation.

The combination of three magical terms, including leadership, teaching, and assessment, can create a revolutionary change. To implement the above-mentioned infrastructure, efficient leadership is a must to reach the zenith of this revolution. At the same time, the quality of tutors and final assessments must be well analysed by the experts.

One of the best examples to prove this is the assignment section that has been a part of the modern educational system and its effectiveness in promoting qualities like discipline and time management among the learners. However, in the case of digital education, tracking the assignment’s progress and effectively checking the updates and grades has become effortless.

Is digital education the future of education?

The way covid-19 pandemic has impacted various aspects of society, it urged a fundamental change in society. Traditional activities that were not competent enough to meet the global lockdown trends are rejected by society. The growing work-from-home culture is the most prominent example of such a necessity that is acknowledged by the modern working class.

The same is the case with online learning and digital education. Now students are pretty comfortable with the online courses that save sufficient time and offer them an opportunity to learn various courses in a flexible manner. The change is to happen and is happening in almost all aspects of our lives. Keeping the positive sides up, we must admire it for a better and more convenient future.