Essay on New Year

Every year begins with new hopes, desires, expectations and New Year resolutions.
These also give us an edge and excitement going into the New Year, a fresh start.

Therefore, it is no surprise that people want to celebrate the beginning of the New Year with joyful celebrations with their loved ones.

This is what is like the New Year celebrations. It is a modern form of festivals which has become a ritual performed by the urban areas is particular.

Closing off the week-long celebrations starting with Christmas Eve, New Year comes as the exclamation point. People of all ages and from different walks of life come together, to usher in a year of prosperity and health.

The fact that New Year is usually the last day before returning to work, people try extra hard to enjoy the festivities. Often kids are instructed to report their experiences and present the same when the school reopens after the winter holidays.

This is a time of the year to mend old broken bridges and forgive past mistakes of the passing year. It offers a new chance of gratitude and forgiveness.

It is also a widow to invite new people and experiences in our lives. People want to move away from the bad experiences or hurt of the past year and begin with a new slate.

Many people also form New Year resolutions as possible milestones to reach in the upcoming year. They want to translate their excitement and energy into new goals and outcomes and improve their efforts to become better at various things, both personally and professionally.

Often, people resolve to try new fitness regiments in order to shed those extra kilos gained due to holiday eating and drinking, much like Christmas, many people also decide to plant and decorate New Year trees in order to symbolize their hopes and aspiration for the twelve months ahead. Elements that are often added to the decorations are the mistletoe, candies, bright lights, etc.

New Year has not many fixed or uniform rituals and people from different cultures tend to innovate and enjoy in their own unique ways. Thus it allows diversity and freedom to express your joy.

People can exchange gifts, host dinner parties, wear new clothes or just spread New Year cheer and help extend the holiday spirit.