Essay on My Favourite Book Ramayana in English

Ramayana is one of the main epics of the Hindu religion. It is a sacred book which teaches us about life. People believe that it was written by Valmiki. Ramayana is kept in houses and most people read it daily because reading it is like worshipping God.

Ramayana tells the story of Lord Ram who was the king of Ayodhya. Lord Ram’s father had three wives. When the time came for Lord Ram to become the king and sit on the throne, there occurs a problem. Kaikeyi asks her husband that her own son should become the king instead of Ram. She also asks him to send Ram to forest. Ram goes to forest with his wife, Sita for 14 years. Ram’s cousin brother Laxman also goes with him because he loves and respects him the most.

In the forest, Sita was kidnapped by evil Ravana. Then Ram goes to bring back his wife. Lord Hanuman and his monkey tribes help him. Ram kills Ravana and comes back to Ayodhya with Sita. People always celebrate their victory by lighting Diyas.

Ramayana teaches us about our duties. From Lord Ram, we learn that a king must listen to everyone in his kingdom. Lord Ram also teaches us how to be humble. He respects his father and loves his younger brothers. Goddess Sita is a strong woman who doesn’t get afraid of Ravana.

Ramayana is a poetic record of our ancestor’s history and their ways of living. It teaches everyone to become dutiful, loving and respectful towards others.