Essay on Experiencing College Life as a Student in English

The experience of college life as a student is the most exciting and thrilling period of our life. It is an unforgettable experience. Everything we do during this period has a lasting influence on our minds. The sense of freedom, independence, responsibility and the company of new friends make us forget the home-sickness to some extent.

If we take a glance at college life from a student’s standpoint then the first day at college is something that one can never forget. When we reach the college gate, we see a world of new faces and new fashion. At first, we may feel shy and timid, but gradually our fear vanishes and we begin to feel at ease with the students around us.

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We Witnessed Entirely Different Approach Than School Life!

The college schedule is quite different from that of the school schedule. We have plenty of time on our hands after attending classes and completing assignments and projects. We are free to spend our leisure in any way we like.

If we want to go out for a walk or for shopping, there is no one to stop us. While studying in college, we expand our horizons through interaction with various kinds of people from different strata of society with different backgrounds.

Our teachers are more friendly than those in schools because they want to develop all-round personalities in us by discussing various topics other than the prescribed ones in class.

College Brings Out Skills To Become Self Made:

The important thing you need to know about college life is that everything costs money. If you want to go out dining on weekends, you will have to buy food and pay for your friends’ treats sometimes. If you want to go shopping, then you will have to buy clothes and shoes. No matter what it is that you want to do, there is always a cost associated with it. So, we decided to explore our skills.

Guess what? College made us capable of earning enough to keep up with small expenses. Getting in the row of narrative essay topics writing was a suitable option. It shows another side of satisfaction by doing paid projects for fellow and gaining reward in monetary terms with a good reputation in the surrounding.

Don’t Stop Yourself From Discovering News of Every Day in College!

Everyone’s experience in college is different. From party animals to bookworms, there is something for everyone. You should expect the unexpected. And be prepared to laugh, cry and make memories that will last a lifetime.

College life exposes you to new people, subjects, experiences, and surroundings. It teaches you how to take responsibility for your actions while you’re away from the protective environment of home and parents. You have to learn to budget your time, as well as your money while ensuring your academic progress doesn’t suffer as a result.While keeping up with coursework may seem like a struggle at times, it’s important not to lose sight of the bigger picture and what college has to offer you as a person and student.