Essay on Newspaper in English

The newspaper is deemed as an essential companion of a modern man. The world of primitive of the man was confined to the small circle of his family And clan. But no man is an island now. A man needs now intercourse with other people, living in the distant countries.

So the newspaper has become a necessity life. For an educated person the newspaper is as important as food and clothes. As soon as he gets up in the morning, he wants to have a look at the newspaper and know the news of his country and of the world.

The newspaper performs a number of functions. As a source of information, the newspaper is unparalleled. There are other sources of information too. But none is so cheap and speedy as the newspaper. Besides news, there are other matters also treated in the newspaper.

There are articles and comments on different subjects and topics. Good newspapers reserve columns for women and children. These papers have also columns for sports. Most of the newspapers also give market rates and weather reports.

The weekly editorials of some newspaper are very interesting. Column for films attracts the attention of the youth. General editorials give the news and views on the important events and issues of the time.

In modern times, the newspaper is very important for the businessman and the industrialist. The newspaper has, indeed, a great function as an educator of a man of business. It adds to his knowledge and understanding.

Through the newspapers, the businessmen advertise their goods and attract customers. Most of the newspapers give daily market report and rates of different commodities.

No businessmen can prosper in his trade unless he keeps himself in touch with the trend of the market. The newspaper tells him what to buy, what to sell and when to sell.

Again, the newspaper is the best medium for publicity. It commands a Very wide circulation. It can reach the door where no salesman, no political leader ever goes. It helps the political parties to propagate their programmes and policies. parties, Political parties use this medium to build their image as well as of their leaders.

The newspaper caters to the needs and tastes of people from all walks of life. The sportsman can find a lot of matter of his interest in the newspaper. All the important men tournaments are reported in detail in the newspapers. Newspapers have a separate page for sports. They not only report the important matches but also publish photographs taken during the matches.

Newspapers have great influence upon the life and thinking of the people. They shape and voice the opinion of the public. The opinion of the common man on events is generally the opinion of the newspaper he reads. It is why political parties have their own newspapers.

The newspaper is a mighty weapon in the hands of the public. It helps the public in airing their grievances and in placing their views and demands before the government. It establishes a link between the people and the government.

Newspapers also render a great service to the social organisation institutions. The newspapers help in propagating their aims and programmes in the public. They help in exposing the evil effects of the social customs and practices like dowry system, child marriage, corruption, etc. News pers, thus, help in introducing social reforms.

Newspapers enjoy freedom in reporting of news and views on any matter or happening. There is freedom of the press in the country. It was only during the dark days of Emergency when the press was gagged and censorship laws were imposed.

Unfortunately, newspapers in our country do not follow high ideals. Instead of giving a dispassionate and objective reporting they often give subjective and biased reporting of news and views.

They are controlled by capitalists and politicians we misuse the freedom of the press to serve their vested interests. They suppress the truth and distort the facts. They are free in name only. This is not a healthy sign for the Indian democracy.