Choice of a Career Essay

Everyone has to make a choice of a career or profession at one stage of life or another. It depends upon many factors such as one’s taste and temperament and aptitude, training and qualifications, knowledge and experience, background and resourcefulness.

As such it needs a lot of cool thinking and careful planning. As young persons are immature to make a right choice of a career, a heavy responsibility lies on the shoulders of their parents and educationists to guide them.

No doubt, in some public schools and universities vocational guidance facilities have already been provided. But they are not adequate enough to meet the needs of the youngsters.

There are many professions available for a young person such as law medicine, engineering, government and private posts, high executives in trade and commerce and industry, besides a large number of petty posts require experience.

As said above, the choice of a career must be according to one’s taste and temperament, aptitude and out-look. It is wrong to suppose that everybody who studies law or medicine, would be a successful lawyer or a capable doctor. The same thing holds good in trade and commerce engineering and the films.

A thin and lean man with sickly disposition will be in the army like a round peg in a square hole. One who loves books and has a fascination for research will form a good scholar, while another who has a keen power of observation, a sharp eye and a steady hand would be a successful doctor or surgeon.

One living in a village cut off from the city would be contented with the life of a farmer or a petty shopkeeper while another possessing ready wit, debating capacity and a judicious mind would form a successful statesman or an eminent advocate.

In good old days, the choice of a career was not a problem because of the absence of any cut-throat competition and the limited needs of the people. But now the situation has changed. Even for an ordinary post there are thousands of applicants.

Moreover, the present age is the age of specialization and expertise. The result is that there is keen competition in all walks of life. Without expert knowledge and high technical qualifica tions, it is futile to dream of producing a good poet.

The choice of a profession has to be made at an early stage, particularly, at the Higher Secondary Stage and work steadily to acquire high technical qualifications and experience.

Some other important factors in the choice of a career are the financial resources of a candidate and the recommendations that he can command. Some careers require a heavy financial investment in the training.

A strong recommendation also counts much in some technical, medical and other institutions. But the students who like to adopt such professions must have high mental calibre.

Last but not the least requirement for attaining a high post Intelligence and diligence, strong will-power, honesty of purpose and prompt despatch of work. Sympathy and understanding, fair dealing others, patience and fortitude are some of the other virtues that a high officer must possess.