A Photograph Poem Summary by Shirley Toulson

Table of Contents IntroductionPoemPart 1Part 2Part 3Part 4 Further Reading Introduction The poem A Photograph is written by Shirley Toulson in the memory of her dead mother. In the poem, the poet sees a photograph of her mother and goes into reminiscence. She remembers when her mother used to tell her about that photograph and […]

The Duck and the Kangaroo Poem Summary by Edward Lear

Table of Contents IntroductionPoemStanza 1Stanza 2Stanza 3Stanza 4Stanza 5 Introduction The poem The Duck and the Kangaroo written by Edward Lear is about mutual friendship and its benefits. In this poem, Duck desires to travel along with Kangaroo on his back because it loves Kangaroo’s hopping. Kangaroo on the condition that the duck will put […]

A Legend of the Northland Poem Summary by Phoebe Cary

Table of Contents IntroductionPoemStanza 1Stanza 2Stanza 3Stanza 4Stanza 5Stanza 6Stanza 7Stanza 8 Introduction A Legend of the Northland is a long poem in which the poet tells how greed can lead us to disaster. In this poem, the poet talks about a story which he believes is fictional yet moral. In this poem, a woman […]

Fear No More Poem by William Shakespeare Summary

Table of Contents IntroductionPoemStanza 1Stanza 2Stanza 3Stanza 4 Introduction This poem is taken from the play Cymbeline written by William Shakespeare. The poem does not portray death as misery or gloom as we traditionally believe. Instead, he considers it is the ultimate destination of every human being. It brings peace for the humans from worldly […]

Essay on a Ted Talk: Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Creativity is what ultimately nurtures innovation. And innovation is the future. The big question is – are creativity and innovation inherited in each of us? The answer is yes.  Sir Ken Robinson, a creativity expert, in his Ted Talk claims that no child, even the most seemingly gifted one, is exceptional during the whole childhood. […]

How Do I Find A Good Custom Essay Writing Service?

American students have to face a lot of impediments while they study. Every school, college, and university has definite academic requirements and students must meet them. Some requirements are overly complex. Thus, writing essays and other academic papers may induce multiple complications. As a result, many students from the USA and other corners of the […]

What Are Tips for Writing an Argumentative Essay?

Today you got a new home assignment and feel a bit puzzled about it. So you have to write an argumentative essay. Possibly you have no idea of what it is. That is why before we start giving you tips we will describe what it is and how this type differs from other essays. Anyway, […]

Sonnet 106 – When in the Chronicle of Wasted Time Summary by William Shakespeare

Table of Contents IntroductionPoemStanza 1Stanza 2Stanza 3Couplet Introduction This sonnet composed by William Shakespeare is about the beauty of his beloved. In this poem, the poet says that during the old times, people used to write about beauty. That beauty did not exist in those days and thus what they wrote was rather foreshadowing of […]

Green Snake Summary by BR Lakshman Rao

Table of Contents IntroductionPoemPart 1Part 2Part 3 Introduction The poem Green Snake is originally written by BR Lakshman Rao and translated into English by AK Ramanujan. In this poem, the poet describes an incident when the poet happens to see a green snake near his house. His parents kills it at once though the poet […]


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