Application to Principal for Identity Card Loss

The Principal
Modern Vidya Niketan
Sector 17, Faridabad,
May 1, 2019

Subject: Application for Loss of Identity Card


I, Akshar Srinivas, a student of class 7th B in your school, write this application to inform you that unfortunately, I have lost my Identity card on May 16th in school. It is for sure that the card is lost in the school campus as I had shown it at the entry gates but when I was on the school bus, going back home, I did not have it.

I request you to kindly permit the issue of a duplicate ID Card from the office or announce it through the speakers in the class because as per the school rules, any lost property of students shall be submitted to the reception and be conveyed to you. I promise to keep it safe the next time.

Yours sincerely
Akshar Srinivas
Class 7th B