Application Letter for Birthday Leave from Parent

 20th August, 2022
The Principal,
St. Martin’s  School,
Wadia Road,
Mumbai- 400 002.

Subject– Request for a leave on birthday.

Respected Madam,

It is my daughter Sara Zaveri’s birthday on the 25th of August. Sara is very fond of princesses and desires to visit the amusement park on her special day.

          She wishes to cut the cake with Elsa. She studies in 4C and this is her last year of being in the primary as a child. Next year she’ll be a secondary class student and have greater responsibilities. Sara is very excited and we’d be grateful if you grant her a leave on 25th.

I will make sure she completes any missed work. Hoping for a positive response.

Thank You.

Yours faithfully,
(parent’s signature)
Khushi Zaveri
708, Ruby Heights, 
R.G Lane, 
Mumbai- 400 008.