Application for Salary Increment in College

The Principal
G.D Goenka Public School
Vindham Road, Kukumbara
17 October 2019

Subject: Requesting for an increment in Salary


I, Anand Chaudhary, Physical Education teacher (Hockey), write this letter to request for a salary increment. I got employed in the year 2013 and this will be my sixth year working in the school. Although I get the annual increment in the salary as per the policy for the faculty of the school, my salary does not get enough. After my father has retired from work recently, my salary remains the only earning source in the family.

As the evaluation reports suggest, I have excelled at my work and have made our school win the ‘All India School Olympics’ twice in Hockey. I, therefore, request for an increment of 30% in my salary. It will help me financially and will encourage me for better performance at work.

Yours sincerely
Anand Chaudhary