A Dream Poem Summary, Notes And Line By Line Analysis In English By Tabassum Khan


‘A Dream’ is a poem written by Tabassum Khan. In each stanza, he has used different rhetorical devices like similes and metaphors. He advises us to help everyone and to widen our hearts. We should let go of our feelings of hatred and maintain a strong sense of justice in our souls.

He claims to have a fantasy in which everyone on earth coexists peacefully and works together one day. He hopes that things stay this way forever and that everyone can live in harmony.

About the Poet

Ghulam Mustafa Tabassum was a poet, critic, playwright, and educator who lived in the 20th century. He used the pen name Tabassum while he wrote. The President of Pakistan presented him with the Pride of Performance and Star of Excellence Awards, and the Iranian government gave him the Tamgha-e-Nishan-e-Sipaas award.

He is most recognized for his children’s poetry and for translating numerous Persian-language poetical masterpieces into Punjabi and Urdu.

Stanza 1

I Say
Open our hearts
Like a new flower
Let the hatred in us
Flow away like a stream
Let Justice be set in our hearts
Like a stone standing
Straight and firm

The very first verse of this poem expresses the poet’s desire for people to have hearts that are open to all ideas, religions, and beliefs, much like a flower that is just beginning to bloom. According to him, just as a new flower spreads its fragrance to everyone, so too should we be engaging with people of all religions, nationalities, and creeds.

He also says that the hatred we harbor should dissipate like water in a moving river and that one’s perception of justice should be sturdy like a rock.

Stanza 2

I have a dream that one day
People all around the world 
Shall eat from the plate of peace
And say together
‘We shall stay so always.’
One day
A tree will grow high and strong
In the garden of Justice 
And live forever.

The poet wishes that everyone will live in peace, harmony, and cooperation, that this state will last forever, and that everyone will be at peace. He also hopes that everyone will continue to live in harmony and peace. He expresses his hope that one day everyone will live in harmony and peace. The poet has a strong belief that everyone is treated equally and that the next generation will be resilient like an ancient tree.

He also thinks that the globe will one day be peaceful and harmonious. The poem’s final line expresses the poet’s hope that justice and fairness would always be practiced in all parts of the world.