5 Minute Speech on Save Trees in English for Students

As we talk in the trees, we are all very much aware of its importance. Let me give a gist on the importance of trees. Trees give us life. They are the ultimate root source for all sorts of shelter and food. It plays a vital role in the cycle of life. The importance of trees goes a long way in life. It is studied about and taught about to students of very young age. They keep the air clean and fresh. One may notice an area with more trees and another one with less trees. One will notice the difference in the freshness of the air. It is more than important to take care of our trees. It is not instant that a tree is grown rather it takes decades while cutting a tree down may take a few hours. It disrupts the way of life directly and indirectly. We should be well educated on this topic which is so important to our lives. We should work hand in hand together with friends, families and people living in our locality and plant more trees and greens. This would really help Mother Nature and indirectly influence our health as  we breathe fresh air.