5 Minute Speech on Education in English for Students

Education is extremely important wherever we go in life and whatever we do in life. The importance of education is growing every year. It is through education that change took place and is taking place. Many leaders around the world, worked tirelessly to promote education. Nelson Mandela, who is one of the most prominent figures in the world also advocated the importance of education. He says that “Education is the most powerful weapon in the world”. With the coming of education in the world, people are seen to be developing more and more instruments which make life and work easier. It improves knowledge and even the confidence of a person. It is important to make a person aware of himself or herself and the workings of the environment. Through education, development is in process now and then. People are living better and healthier because they have knowledge about the well being. Education starts from the moment a baby is born.  There are still lot so funedycated people around the world. In the literal sense, education means to read and write but in the broader sense it is not. It is the knowledge that compounds education. A person with knowledge of cooking is also an education in cooking. In today’s world, education is being very broadly defined. It holds so much power. Education is limitless. We should try and teach the rights of humans. This is the most important and basic education for every human being. We should try and educate people through conversations and speeches. There are more people who are engage in social media that we see in the world of today so we can use this stand and advocate in the importance of education.