5 Minute Speech on Artificial Intelligence in English for Students

Artificial intelligence is also known as AI in short. This is extremely popular in today’s world. The majority of the countries with high economic status work on this. AI has taken the world with a wave. Based on studies, it is said to have been discovered in the year 1950-1956. Every year, AI is upgraded in various ways and styles. AI has extensively made the working of the world much easier. There are two very popular AI voice-enabled devices which are called SIRI and Alexa. The majority of the people living in the US make use of this for doing a variety of things like switching off and on the lights, setting reminders and alarms and all sorts of which are amazing. We had these as our assistance. The world of today has also created AI robots which are doing everything that a normal human does. This has opened doors to many debates. The biggest debate and rather scary debate on this topic of Artificial Intelligence is that the world may one day be taken over by AI robots. With the use of this, it is rather undeniable that life has gotten much easier but it has also decreased the opening for humans to be creative, to think and experience things that are viewed as things that are very significant and essential to being human. With AI entering the world, we fear losing our privacy. One of the most popular applications would be the ChatGPT which is taking over the world today. Of course, it has made work easier but it stops us from thinking, from being creative, from being original in our creation and ideas.  This application is used mostly by students for their homework, thus, making them lazy and dependent. The brain is rather very dependent on applications such as this and it stops being dependent. It is a topic that opened the way for many critiques. With the coming of AI into the world, it has boosted the economy of the country to a whole new level. One thing out of many that most people fear is the loss of talents and skills of people. The majority of the jobs and other institutions don’t allow the usage of AI in any of the work done and rather more praise and demand is given to those of original work despite the flaws. 

As much as the world is evolving with a

AI, one should stand firm and tall in the significance of originality.