4 Minute Speech on Technology In English

A very good morning to one and all present here. Today, I will be giving a short speech on the topic of ‘Technology’.

Wikipedia defines the term technology as follows: “Technology is the application of knowledge for achieving practical goals in a reproducible way. The word technology can also mean the products resulting from such efforts, including both tangible tools such as utensils or machines, and intangible ones such as software.”

Technology is gaining more and more importance in our daily lives all over the world. This is no different in India. 

The advent of technology has been increasing at a mammoth pace, the result of which is reflected in its growth in society. Over the last decade, electronic gadgets can be seen to have received major transformations.

Our smartphones, for example, stand testimony to this fact. Why, the various upgraded models we are seeing every now and then these days are a far cry from the Nokia phones we once had! This upgradation can also be seen in other electronic devices such as TV, refrigerator, and A/C.

Now, post Covid-19 again, technology has become an intricate part of our lives. Life without our mobile phones, laptops, and earphones seems impossible. 

However, it is also indeed safe to say that we are beyond addicted to the easy life technology has provided for us. Humans have, in fact, become slaves to it.

Life without technology seems impossible nowadays. Forget smartphones, can you imagine a life without TVs, ACs, refrigerators, washing machines, laptops, or earphones? And that’s just a few examples!

There is no doubt that technology has indeed made our lives simple. But, it is also true that our dependence on it is increasing alarmingly day by day. 

Physical activities have come to a standstill. Technology has made us lead a sedentary lifestyle, which in turn leads to various life-threatening diseases such as heart attacks. Prolonged usage of electronic gadgets also leads to nerve disorders and eye problems.

Let’s reduce our use of technology and stay healthy!

Thank you.