3 Minute Speech On Deforestation In English

Good morning one and all. Respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends, it is my pleasure and privilege to stand before you today. I am honored to have this opportunity to speak to such a distinguished audience.Today on this occasion, I would like to talk about the importance of trees and a grim environmental issue that is threatening the very existence of our planet and its inhabitants. 

Deforestation is a serious problem that all nations are facing and one that should be addressed at an international level. I begin with the greatest problem that deforestation has produced, climate change. Traditionally, trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen into the environment.

This maintains a balance in the environment and nourishes living organisms with the required amount of oxygen. Carbon dioxide is a primary greenhouse gas and its increasing levels has been one of the major causes of climate change.

As a result of trees being cut, there are now fewer trees to absorb this greenhouse gas and as a result, the globe is getting warmer. In addition to this, the forests that are home to several species of living organisms, animals and plants alike, when demolished leave these animals stranded without a place to belong.

This also leads to a great loss of biodiversity. The flora and fauna is lost and many species become endangered and some even go extinct. The next case in point is the damage deforestation causes to the soil and the consequent erosion that follows. The roots of trees hold the soil together firmly and when these trees are felled, the soil is let loose and that leads to landslides that can cause massive destruction of life and property.

Deforestation is also accountable for droughts and water scarcity as trees help in releasing water from the soil into the atmosphere through a process called transpiration. Finally, the burning of trees releases pollutants into the air causing air pollution and respiratory problems.

In conclusion, deforestation is an environmental issue of severe magnitude that calls for the immediate attention of all people and especially the authorities that should work in solving this problem. What the world needs now is to save the trees and invest in sustainable development and a greener lifestyle that is inclusive of all living organisms.