2 Minute Speech On Women’s Empowerment In English

Good morning to everyone in this room. I would like to thank the principal, the teachers, and my dear friends for allowing me to speak to you today about women’s empowerment. Women empowerment refers to giving women the power to make their own decisions. Over the years, males have caused a lot of suffering to women.

They were considered to be almost nonexistent in prior ages. As though voting, one of the most fundamental rights, belonged exclusively to men. As society changed, women became more aware of their power. The movement for women’s rights officially began then.

Women’s empowerment emerged as a breath of fresh air since women were not permitted to make decisions on their behalf. They were conscious of their rights and the necessity of finding their position in society without relying on a man as a result. It acknowledged that circumstances cannot simply favor someone based only on their gender. When it comes to explaining why we require it, we still have a ways to go.

To empower women, society as a whole and the government must work together. Equal chances in all areas must be provided, child marriage must be outlawed, and education for girls must become mandatory. In addition, programs that educate women on how to manage their finances independently must be implemented, and the stigma associated with divorce and violence must be abandoned. Parents must teach their daughters that it’s preferable to return home divorced than dead. Thank you.