2 Minute Speech On The Importance Of Technology In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on the importance of technology. Technology is a body of knowledge that is focused on the development of tools, the processing of actions, and the extraction of materials. Technology is a broad concept, and each person has their interpretation of what it means. In our daily lives, we use technology to do a variety of tasks.

Technology can be categorized as items, processes, or organizations. We employ technology to increase our capacity. At work, we utilize technology to remove resources. Technology is used in communication, transportation, education, production, the creation of artifacts, data security, and corporate growth.

Technology is a branch of human understanding that includes devices, components, and systems. Technology is put to use to create products or artifacts. if the technology will be put to use. There are various effects of technology. Technology would be the understanding of methods, procedures, and similar things.

It would be integrated into the machine to enable operation without in-depth comprehension of how it functions. According to American sociologist Read Brain, “technology comprises all tools,” in 1937. Tools, utensils, weapons, instruments, clothes, communication, and transportation equipment, as well as the skills required to make and use them.

We use technology for practically everything in our everyday lives, including transportation, education, production, and data security.  Technology applications frequently yield products. If technology were properly used. The contrary is also true: it benefits people. if it is employed maliciously. Thank you.