2 Minute Speech On The Impact Of Media On Society In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on the impact of media on society. Government agencies, non-government groups, commercial enterprises, and the general public have worked very cooperatively to promote mass communication through media channels like the internet, television, and radio. In this setting, the media has aided in societal awareness, education, and improved government. It has been established that mass media has persuaded governments and social foundations to act in solely prosocial ways.

Were it not for the media, many of the world’s most significant events would probably be forgotten today. However, the media has had its shortcomings that have a negative influence on society. If these disadvantages are not addressed or managed, they will continue to undermine the morals and values of a culture that formerly placed a high emphasis on morality.

The media has greatly increased the exposure of violence and antisocial behavior in media programs that are meant to amuse the audience, among other harmful effects. By merely claiming a position of societal exposure, media roles in society have been flipped, governing society instead of being controlled by it.

The media has persisted in using prejudiced strategies to get the public’s attention, which has a detrimental effect on the culture of the society owing to the stereotyping of other cultures. By exposing people to pornographic content that has negative effects on sexual morality, the media has targeted vulnerable segments in a society like children and teens.

Because of these flaws, the media threatens the cognitive behaviors that help to shape society’s moral fabric. However, the media’s future will change with time, and its significance in society won’t likely diminish regardless of how the media affects society. Thank you.