2 Minute Speech On The Endangered Species In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on endangered species. Living things that are on the point of extinction are considered to be endangered species. This category contains thousands of species, including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and plants. The primary driver of extinction is still environmental change, but due to human activities, these changes are now happening much faster.

Primates have progressively limited eating and dwelling areas when tropical forests are cut down. Additionally, they are more open to hunters, who capture numerous primates and slaughter monkeys for food and other uses. When their own habitats are destroyed, several animal species may invade human territory.

Due to the ingestion of low-quality foods and pesticides, many bird species worldwide have weak shells. Because acid rain has ruined their habitats, certain salamander species are extinct in New England. Industrial garbage discharged in the Mediterranean severely reduced the oxygen content of the water, eradicating particular types of bacteria that break down sewage.

Whale poaching is frequently acceptable because it gives a community that lacks protein a source of protein. For their fur, skins, or feathers, many species have been hunted to the point of extinction. On the endangered species list are big cats, alligators, kimonos, quetzal birds, eastern gray kangaroos, egrets, and birds of paradise.

Endangered species can be as big as a blue whale or as small as a tiny little ant. Many people and organizations have taken measures to halt the killing of animals of endangered species. In the case of the oil spill in the sea, these groups are trying to bring an end to the killing of endangered species. Thank you.