2 Minute Speech On The Education System In India In English

Hello and good morning everyone,  I’m going to make a brief speech today about the education system in India.

The process of receiving or imparting fundamental knowledge is referred to as education, particularly at the secondary or tertiary level. The improvement in the nation’s literacy rate is mostly due to education. Since gaining its independence, India’s government has placed a strong emphasis on ensuring that all citizens have access to education, and it has been announcing new initiatives to advance education for many years.

Among all of the educational systems in the world, the Indian educational system is regarded as the oldest. While it helps in the development of children’s reading and writing skills, it does not contribute to the development of practical skills. The Indian educational system is inefficient and unpleasant due to a lack of reforms and improvements.

If significant actions are taken, the Indian educational system might be enhanced. Giving students more practical knowledge is superior to pushing them to study for the test. Students should be able to learn about financial skills that will help them survive in this world as part of our educational system.

India has the 145th-best education system in the world, out of 191, according to the United Nations Organization (UNO). This demonstrates the degree of development required to upgrade oneself. Improving the education we give youngsters must be the first step if we want our nation to develop and advance. We should begin by modernizing the Indian educational system at the primary level since, as the proverb goes, “The children of today are the future of tomorrow.” Thank you.