2 Minute Speech On Mahatma Gandhi In English

Good morning to everyone in this room. I’d like to thank the principal, the teachers, and my dear friends for allowing me to speak to you today about Mahatma Gandhi. As the “Father of the Nation,” Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi fought valiantly for Bharat’s independence from the British Raj.

He was a social reformer. His faith was founded on the tenets of “Ahimsa” (non-violence). Gandhi Jayanti, which is observed on October 2 in his honor because of his contributions to the nation as a whole, is a national holiday.

The term “Mahatma” for Gandhiji was initially adopted by Rabindranath Tagore. People honored him because of his brilliant ideas and views. The term “Satyagraha” was also developed by Mahatma Gandhi. He fought against prejudice in South Africa for 20 years of his life.

Mahatma Gandhi encouraged people to engage in agriculture and was a fervent promoter of it. He encouraged Indians to work hard and advised them to gather all of their resources to live simply. Gandhiji endured throughout the Indian Independence War and spent multiple times in prison.

Mahatma Gandhi was the person who contributed the most to India’s liberation from British rule. His whole life was devoted to assisting his country and its people, and he served as the public face of Indian leadership in the international arena. Due to his values, morality, and discipline, he continues to inspire and motivate young people all around the world.

Not just in India but all around the world, his notoriety and admiration for his ideals continue to be felt. Gandhi Ji was renowned for instilling in his disciples a strong sense of self-control and discipline. Thank you.