2 Minute Speech On Leadership Cannot Be Taught In English

Good morning to everyone in this room. Sincere thanks to the principal, the teachers, and my dear friends. I’m here to give a speech on leadership cannot be taught. Skills are developed by doing as well as learning knowledge, and being a leader requires a particular skill set much like being a chef does.

Leadership abilities are not developed by reading one of the numerous leadership books, or even by listening to an interesting and educational talk. It gives the mind a good deal of knowledge but no abilities. We will get more knowledge about leadership, but knowledge by itself cannot make someone a leader.

Because of this, I think that while leadership cannot be taught, it can be acquired. Leadership training is similar to mastering any other skill. In addition to subject-specific knowledge, one needs the desire to lead and the guts to act in accordance with the principles of leadership.

Too many people who enroll in leadership courses or executive seminars led by some of the most well-known executives leave the event with more knowledge but not a stronger desire to lead. They come up with witty sayings and illustrations but refrain from placing themselves in circumstances that require true leadership.

People looking to improve their leadership abilities do not solely rely on lectures, seminars, and workshops. Get out into the world instead. Accept the most challenging tasks in work. Read about great leaders to learn from them. Do your own research instead of merely mindlessly adhering to the advice given by lecturers and leadership experts. If you have bravery and dedication, you may develop your leadership skills. Thank you.