2 Minute Speech On Knowledge Is Power In English

Good morning to everyone in this room. Sincere thanks to the principal, the teachers, and my dear friends. I’m here to give a speech on knowledge is power. Knowledge is a power that can alter all aspects of your life and work. A relatively potent weapon or instrument, knowledge has the potential to either generate or eradicate all life on Earth. We can differentiate between people and animals thanks to information. It is a skill we employ to empower and support others. The knowledge most significantly frees us.

It is also a significant aspect of achieving power, success, and status in life. Physical prowess and wealth are unquestionably weapons of power. And a man who is physically dominant over others commands respect.

Knowledge is a little bit of anything that aids in puzzle-solving, biking, driving, etc. It helps us make the proper choice and keeps us from repeating mistakes. Additionally, you must gain knowledge; it is not something you can purchase from a store.

The more you impart knowledge, the more of it there is. Knowledgeable individuals are more ethically and psychologically sound than those with money and less education. It provides us with a glimpse of our future and what we may accomplish there. Knowledge has led to the technical development that we now witness in every nation on earth.

The power of knowledge can help balance the planet once again. However, it may obliterate it in a couple of minutes. Similar to how someone may steal your money but not your education. As a result, while wealthy individuals can donate their cash to the country, only someone with knowledge can educate them. Thank you.