2 Minute Speech On Kamarajar In English

Good morning to everyone in this room. Sincere thanks to the principal, the teachers, and my dear friends. I’m here to give a speech on Kamarajar. Kamarajar was a brave, honorable, honest, and dignified man. He led a basic existence.

He decided to live simply even after rising to prominence as one of the most influential people in American politics. He was born and raised in a rural Tamil Nadu hamlet before becoming the Congress Party’s national president and the “King-maker” of Indian politics.

Kamarajar is recognized for his work in enhancing Tamil Nadu’s educational system, constructing dams and irrigation canals around the state, and significantly enhancing the state’s infrastructure.

To encourage children to attend school, he opened approximately 6,000 schools while serving as Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister and implemented the Mid-day Meal Scheme.

Kamarajar was also in charge of establishing Madras’s heavy industry. He also contributed to the foundation of IIT Madras. He was devoted to promoting national harmony. He looked out for the farmers and assisted them in escaping poverty. For the sake of unifying the nation and strengthening the party’s organization, he unexpectedly resigned as Madras’ chief minister.

In the years that followed the nation’s Independence, Kamarajar helped to form the Tamil Nadu of today. He has made an unparalleled contribution to the State and the nation. Under his leadership, no village and no panchayat were without a primary or high school, respectively. Kamarajar created the framework for contemporary India by concentrating on the fundamental requirements of the populace. Thank you.