2 Minute Speech On Junk Food In English

Good morning everyone present here, today I am going to give a speech on junk food. Our ancestors lived long, robust lives and consumed fresh, organic fruit that was straight from the farm. Junk food was introduced today with the advent of industrialization. Junk is a term used to characterize trashy and worthless objects. They mostly include harmful saturated fats for our body.

Because of the modernization and westernization that have occurred over the past few decades, the world we live in today is completely different. Our health has been negatively impacted by this change in eating habits.Burgers, French fries, pizza, and chips all fall under the heading of junk food. Once someone experiences them, they become addicted to the flavor and frequently request this type of food since it is cooked in such a way that they taste excellent.

As we can see, as mall culture evolves, so does the need for fast food. Even if we can’t completely exclude it from meals, we can limit our intake. Young children should learn good eating habits from their parents and teachers. This meal shouldn’t be offered in cafeterias at schools or on college campuses.

Junk food affects our bodies, health, and minds in a number of negative ways. A person must make it a priority for him and his family to stay away from junk food in order to retain outstanding health. Restaurants and shopping centers that offer junk food in big amounts have to be shut down. Such advertisements that promote the consumption of junk food ought to be prohibited. Thank you.